CLIMATE / EAS 480, Climate Change: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Problem Solving (Winter Semester)

Syllabus: CLIMATE480_Ombadi_Winter2024_syllabus.pdf


(Introduction): Lec 0_Introduction to class.pdf

(Module 1: Scientific basis of climate change): Lec 1.1_Systems & the conversation principle.pdf,  Lec 1.2_Earth's Energy Balance, Lec 1.3_Greenhouse_Gases.pdf, Lec 1.4_Feedbacks & Tipping Points.pdf, Lec 1.5_Natural climate variability,  Lec_1.6_Climate Models.pdf, Lec_1.7_Regional Climate Models.pdf

(Module 2: Climate change mitigation): Lec_2.1_Global emissions of GHGs.pdf,  Lec_2.2_Climate change is an energy problem.pdf,  Lec_2.3_Renewable energies.pdf   More lectures to be uploaded.

    (Module 3: Climate change adaptation) More lectures to be uploaded.

CLIMATE 405, Machine Learning in Earth & Environmental Sciences (Fall Semester)

Syllabus: CLIMATE405_Ombadi_Fall2024_syllabus.pdf


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