Recorded Talks

Berkeley Lab Research SLAM 2022 (2nd Place Winner) 🏆

This is a lab-wide competition for postdocs and early career scientists. 

In this elevator pitch, I talk about resilience and resistance of hydrologic catchments.

AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award OSPA Winner 🏆

At the 2020 Fall Meeting titled: “Toward an Improved Understanding of Hydrologic Complexity”.

Results presented in this talk were published in Journal of Hydrology at: Complexity of hydrologic basins: A chaotic dynamics perspective. Journal of Hydrology, 

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense (Summer, 2021). 

Dissertation Committee:

American Meteorological Society (AMS) 2020 Annual Meeting 

A talk titled: “Causal Inference: A Pathway for System Identification Using Observational Datasets.”.

Results presented in this talk were published in Water Resources Research at: Evaluation of methods for causal discovery in hydrometeorological systems. Water Resources Research, 56(7), e2020WR027251,