Mohammed Ombadi

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Mohammed Ombadi

Postdoctoral Researcher 

Climate Sciences Department

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Hi there! My name is Mohammed Ombadi, and I’m a postdoctoral researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I obtained my Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in Civil & Environmental Engineering from University of California Irvine. My research interests lies at the intersection of hydrology, climate sciences and data science. In particular, I'm interested in utilizing recent advances in data sciences and big data analytics to improve our mechanistic and predictive understanding of climate change impacts on the hydrologic cycle.  

Currently, I examine the impact of hydrological extremes and disturbances (e.g., floods and droughts) on water quality using data-driven approaches as part of the iNAIADs project. I also study the detection and attribution of climatic extremes in observational records as part of the CASCADE project.

Featured Publications


Dec 12 - 16, 2022 [Conference Presentations]

In this year's American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2022, plan to stop by to check my presentations and secessions: 1) I'm a primary convener of a session on causal inference in hydrology; 2) Oral presentation on temperature volatility extreme events; and 3) Poster presentation on floods and impacts on water quality.

10/20/2022 [Science Communication]

I represented Berkeley Lab, together with two talented postdocs, in the Bay Area Research SLAM (a competition across four national labs: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, SLAC National Lab and Sandia National Labs.

10/04/2022 [New paper]

Did you know that temperature can change by more than 15 degrees Celsius from one day to another? In my recent paper published in Weather and Climate Extremes (with my o-author Mark Risser), we analyze day-to-day temperature changes across the US, and we show that extreme changes have been increasing over the past 7 decades over Central and Eastern parts of the US.

You can check out the paper here at this link: 

09/22/2022 [Science Communication]

Very honored to have won the second place prize in the 5th annual Berkeley Lab Research SLAM. Kudos to my fellow finalists for great performances. You can check out a recording of my pitch here:

 The live stream of the entire event is available  here: 

05/23/2022 [New Paper]

Our paper (with my co-author Charuleka Varadharajan) on the impact of floods on salinity in rivers across the contiguous United States has been accepted for publication in Water Research.

You can check out the paper here at this link:

03/22/2022 [New Paper]

Our paper, led by Charuleka Varadharajan, reviewing the status-quo, challenges and opportunities in the use of machine learning in water quality modeling, has been accepted for publication in Hydrological Processes.

You can check out the paper here at this link:  

12/17/2021 [Conference Presentation]

An invited presentation at AGU Fall Meeting 2021 under the title: "The Information Content of Satellite IR imagery: Estimation of Surface Precipitation and Its Implications for Hydrologic Modeling".


Started work as a postdoctoral research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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